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10K Sunday

December 20, 2009

I decided to skip the P90X – KenpoX DVD today to do a 10K run instead.  I’m trying to get a schedule going where I run a 10K on Sundays, so in that spirit that is what I did today.  10K in about 63 minutes.  I ran the first 3.1K at about 5.5 mph and then gradually clicked it up ending the last mile and a half at 7 mph.  My heart rate was getting a bit high at the end though, 177.  All in all I’m happy with my results today, especially considering that this was only the second time I’ve run 10K in over 15 years.

The ASICS Air Nimbus 11s I picked up are awesome.  Light and comfortable.  They were recommended to me by the sales person at Running Fit in West Bloomfield.  The salesman took his time and had me try on almost 10 different kinds of shoes from several different companies before WE were happy with the fit.  The sales people at Running Fit are professionals and if you let them do their job you will end up with the best possible shoes for you.

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