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P90X — Plyo and Shoulders and Arms

December 30, 2009

I was a bit lazy yesterday and didn’t log my workout.  I did P90X Plyo.  It is a tough workout that I never seem to get used to doing.  I know the higher impact stuff is not supposed to be good for you but I really only fear the rock star hops.  The other routines don’t seem to bother my knees or ankles — in fact I would say they have strengthened them considerably.

Today I followed along with week 4 and did shoulders and arms.  I like this video too.  In fact I like them all quite a bit.  I’m not the biggest fan of YogaX but that is mostly due to the length (1.5hrs).  If you are THE faithful fan of this site you know that I dropped out YogaX from this round in favor of my 10K Sunday.  Love that 10K!!!!

I was wondering if any other P90X user noticed that they tend to want to sleep a lot more than before they started the X.  I’ve noticed that when I’m doing P90X I have a lot of trouble getting out of bed at my usual time.  Just curious.

I think I will post some pictures at the end of the week.

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