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P90X – KenpoX

January 2, 2010

I’m feeling pretty silly.  Since I’d already done one cycle of P90X I thought I knew the schedule.  I was wrong.  I’m actually done one more week of round one than I needed to do.  No wonder I felt pretty run down.  I’m looking forward to the rest week next week…

Did KenpoX today.  I like this workout but I’m not a huge fan of the sanders (sp?) cycle at the beginning.  I would rather do some traditional warm up and some stretching.  Also, while this is a good kenpo video I think some of Billy Blanks’ Taebo stuff is better.  Especially his original boot camp series.

I was planning to post a picture but my wife thinks that it will end up on some other site and I will be made fun of…  I’ll think about it and maybe post a round one picture after the rest week.

I finished the Haruki Murakami book I was reading.  It was really good and I feel even more motivated to tackle a triathlon this year.

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