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10K Saturday

January 16, 2010

This was another bad week for working out.  In fact, the next two weeks will be equally as bad.  With that said, I was able to swim on Wednesday night non-stop for about 20 minutes without too much trouble.  Not bad for someone who has only swam twice in the last year and not much before that.  My form is still pretty bad, but I’m hoping to improve that with time.

My 10K today was not that great….  Probably the result of the lowered volume of workouts and increased work stress.  Not to mention that I’ve been eating really badly all week.  Two steak dinners in a row.  Not that great for me.  I got started late today because my community wellness center is packed right now.  I give it a few more weeks and the resolutioners will start to drop out.  I’m not angry at the resolutioners.  In fact I wish more of them would stick with it.  Unfortunately, they never really do.  It is probably because they really don’t try that hard and lose interest when they don’t see immediate results.  During the almost 20 minutes I waited for a treadmill I did a pretty sold pull up routine.  This tired out my arms and caused my heart rate to start out in the 140s.  It quickly went up from there and I was pushing 170 at about 4 miles.  I had to slow down and luckily came in at about 59 minutes.  Not my best time so far but not bad either.

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